Friday, March 27, 2009

Survey Open: Services Needed by Non-Profit Community

We are working to find solutions to keep your organization healthy and moving forward even during these tough times.

We are currently developing a non-profit service concept that would be based around your organization’s needs and our strengths. No need is too small or too great.

Please accept our invitation to take our short survey on the current needs of the non-profit conservation community and allied organizations at Survey Monkey.

The survey has 10 short questions. You may take it more than once if you work with, or volunteer with, more than one organization. Thank you!

(Survey Monkey offers free accounts for anyone to run a short web-based survey with sophisticated tools to collect and analyze up to 100 responses. Constant Contact offers a trial subscription for its survey tool. Talk to us to learn more about how online surveys could be used by your organization.)

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